Riley Shumway

Video Game Designer, Developer, and QA Tester

About Me

I am a video game designer, developer, and QA tester based in Madison Wi. I have been developing games and mods since 2013 and I have been interested in computer science even longer than that. A large portion of my professional work relates to QA testing, however, I spend my free time developing. If I am not working or developing you can likely find me playing games. I am an avid gamer and really enjoy seeing what others have created, diving deep into different game design elements of other's games, or trying to find ways to break games and learn from it. I'm an eager learner who's always looking for opportunities to improve my craft.

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My GMTK 2019 game jam submission. The theme was "Only one" so I made a multiplayer game with only one player.

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My current project. A 2 to 5 player FFA card game.

VR Demo

Personal game jam where I gave myself 2 weeks to make a demo game for VR.

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CS:GO defusal map I made by heavily modifying one of my first maps called 2v2_Convenience_Store.

surf_glitch image


My most popular CS:GO map. This map was made for the non-traditinal game mode called surf.

de_fusion image


CS:GO map I created where I tried to put more of a focus on the visual fidelity.

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Immerse Creator

Collaborative VR environment where you can create 3D models, architectural spaces, and free-form sketches.

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VR medical simulation lab for teaching. I am a QA tester for this project.

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Madison Geeks

Computer repair shop in Madison Wi. I am the head technician here.

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